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[IMG]1 赞美圣父上帝.tif2024-03-31 04:14 520k
File10 乐哉,乐哉,我们崇拜 Joyful, Joyful, We Adore Thee.pptx2024-04-26 16:16 68k
File100 天使歌唱在高天 Angels We Have Heard on High.pptx2024-03-31 04:14 32k
[IMG]101 请听天使高声唱.tif2024-03-31 04:14 216k
File121 安静夜, 圣善夜 Silent Night, Holy Night.pptx2024-03-31 04:14 84k
File13 全能上帝, 万福泉源 Come, Thou Fount Of Every Blessing.pptx2024-03-31 04:14 44k
[IMG]13 全能上帝,万福泉源.tif2024-03-31 04:14 124k
File133 主啊, 我在灰尘中 Savior, When in Dust to You.pptx2024-03-31 04:14 72k
File133 主啊!我在灰尘中 - 试听.m4a2024-03-31 04:14 416k
File133 主啊!我在灰尘中.pdf2024-03-31 04:14 244k
File135 我每思想奇妙十架 When I Survey the Wondrous Cross.pptx2024-03-31 04:14 68k
File137 古旧十架 The Old Rugged Cross.pptx2024-03-31 04:14 72k
File137 古旧十架.pdf2024-03-31 04:14 388k
[IMG]15 仰看天空.tif2024-03-31 04:14 128k
File16 宇宙万物当颂扬 Let the Whole Creation Cry.pptx2024-03-31 04:14 40k
File161 今朝基督正复生 Jesus Christ Is Risen Today.pptx2024-03-31 04:14 52k
File162 今日基督已复活 Christ The Lord Is Risen Today.pptx2024-03-31 04:14 56k
[IMG]162 今日基督已复活.tif2024-03-31 04:14 132k
File178 上主之灵,恳求降临我心 Spirit of God, Descend Upon My Heart.pptx2024-05-16 02:06 56k
File18 诸天述说神荣耀 The Stars Declare His Glory.pptx2024-03-31 04:14 44k
[IMG]18 诸天述说神荣耀.tif2024-03-31 04:14 276k
File184 颂赞万有主宰 The Lord, My God, Be Praised.pptx2024-05-16 02:06 56k
[IMG]184 颂赞万有主宰.png2024-05-20 21:19 252k
[IMG]187 旧年过去,新岁初临.tif2024-03-31 04:14 216k
File19 祢真伟大 How Great Thou Art.pptx2024-03-31 04:14 64k
[IMG]19 祢真伟大.jpg2024-03-31 04:14 320k
File191 同声赞美真神 870 We Praise You, O God.pptx2024-03-31 04:14 40k
File195 神为其民坚固城墙 A Mighty Fortress Is Our God.pptx2024-03-31 04:14 48k
File2 圣哉圣哉圣哉.pdf2024-03-31 04:14 208k
File2 圣哉,圣哉,圣哉 Holy, Holy, Holy, Lord God Almighty.pptx2024-03-31 04:14 52k
File20 这是天父世界 824 This Is My Father’s World.pptx2024-03-31 04:14 44k
[IMG]20 这是天父世界.tif2024-03-31 04:14 84k
File209 恳求圣父来临 Come, Thou Almighty King.pptx2024-04-10 02:49 52k
File209 恳求圣父来临.pdf2024-03-31 04:14 216k
[IMG]22 真神上帝造天地.tif2024-03-31 04:14 440k
File227 都来感谢上帝 Now Thank We All Our God.pptx2024-03-31 04:14 32k
File227 都来感谢上帝.pdf2024-03-31 04:14 116k
File228 清早起来看 Golden Breaks the Dawn.pptx2024-03-31 04:14 48k
File23 你的信实广大 Great Is Thy Faithfulness.pptx2024-04-10 02:49 64k
File23 祢的信实广大.pdf2024-03-31 04:14 356k
File24 主手所造万象生灵 All Creatures of Our God and King.pptx2024-05-16 02:06 64k
File24 主手所造万象生灵.pdf2024-03-31 04:14 128k
File243 擘开生命之饼 Break Now the Bread of Life.pptx2024-03-31 04:14 56k
File243 擘开生命之饼.pdf2024-03-31 04:14 948k
File245 生命之道 Wonderful Words of Life.pptx2024-03-31 04:14 52k
File256 求主引领犹如牧人 Savior, Like a Shepherd Lead us.pptx2024-03-31 04:14 32k
[IMG]26 赞美耶和华.tif2024-03-31 04:14 140k
File29 齐当俯伏拜 O Worship the King.pptx2024-03-31 04:14 68k
[IMG]29 齐当俯伏拜.tif2024-03-31 04:14 444k
File291 教会唯一的根基 The Church’s One Foundation.pptx2024-03-31 04:14 60k
File295 一群大能的子民 People Of Power.pptx2024-03-31 04:14 48k
File317 主爱神圣,超乎万爱 Love Divine, All Loves Excelling.pptx2024-03-31 04:14 32k
File317 主爱神圣,超乎万爱.pdf2024-05-12 04:13 208k
File318 主爱神圣,超乎万爱 Love Divine, All Loves Excelling.pptx2024-03-31 04:14 32k
[IMG]319 奇妙的爱.tif2024-03-31 04:14 76k
File321 奇异恩典 Amazing Grace.pptx2024-04-10 02:49 64k
File321 奇异恩典.pdf2024-03-31 04:14 884k
File325 怎能如此 And can It Be That I Should Gain.pptx2024-03-31 04:14 56k
File342 我今听主声音 - 歌谱.pdf2024-04-08 03:31 224k
File342 我今听主声音 I Hear Thy Welcome Voice.pptx2024-04-08 03:31 56k
File343 来就上主羔羊 Just As I Am.pptx2024-03-31 04:14 56k
File361 我不知道神奇妙恩 I know Not Why God’s Wondrous Grace.pptx2024-03-31 04:14 60k
[IMG]361 我不知道神奇妙恩.tif2024-03-31 04:14 320k
File365 我奉一位复活主 - 歌谱.pdf2024-04-08 03:31 188k
File365 我奉一位复活主 He lives.pptx2024-04-08 03:31 52k
File367 有福的确据 Blessed Assurance, Jesus is Mine.pptx2024-03-31 04:14 32k
File37 高举基督为王 Crown Him with many crowns.pptx2024-03-31 04:14 52k
File372 你们要先求祂的国 Seek Ye First the Kingdom of God.pptx2024-03-31 04:14 56k
File372 你们要先求祂的国.pdf2024-03-31 04:14 632k
File377 前有一日我意立定 O Happy Day That Fixed My Choice.pptx2024-04-10 02:49 52k
File378 万古磐石为我开 Rock of Ages, Cleft for Me.pptx2024-03-31 04:14 44k
File385 洁净我 Cleanse Me.pptx2024-03-31 04:14 52k
File399 耶稣,每逢想念着祢 Jesus, the Very Thought of Thee.pptx2024-03-31 04:14 48k
File400 主耶稣,我爱祢2024-05-12 04:13 176k
[SND]400 主耶稣,我爱祢 - 试听.mp32024-05-20 21:15 548k
File400 主耶稣,我爱祢 My Jesus, I Love Thee.pptx2024-05-20 21:15 32k
File402 神啊,我的心切慕你 As the Deer.pptx2024-03-31 04:14 32k
[IMG]402 神啊,我的心切慕祢.tif2024-03-31 04:14 212k
File404 我宁愿有耶稣 I’d Rather Have Jesus.pptx2024-03-31 04:14 52k
[IMG]404 我宁愿有耶稣.tif2024-03-31 04:14 484k
File41 齐赞耶稣大能圣名 All Hail the Power of Jesus' Name.pptx2024-03-31 04:14 36k
File417 求作我远象 Be Thou My Vision.pptx2024-03-31 04:14 48k
File417 求作我远象.pdf2024-03-31 04:14 132k
File418 我已经决定 I Have Decided to Follow Jesus.pptx2024-03-31 04:14 56k
File427 感谢神 Thanks To God.pptx2024-03-31 04:14 32k
[IMG]427 感谢神.jpg2024-03-31 04:14 152k
File428 农人辛苦耕田忙 681 We Plow the Fields and Scatter.pptx2024-03-31 04:14 56k
File44 救主, 宝贵之救主 O Savior, Precious Savior.pptx2024-03-31 04:14 68k
File44 救主, 宝贵之救主.pdf2024-03-31 04:14 232k
File44 救主,宝贵之救主 - 试听.m4a2024-03-31 04:14 372k
File441 耶稣领我,我甚喜欢 He Leadeth Me O Blessed Thought.pptx2024-03-31 04:14 56k
File441 耶稣领我,我甚喜欢.pdf2024-03-31 04:14 864k
File448 更加与主接近 Nearer, My God, to Thee.pptx2024-04-26 16:12 32k
[IMG]449 我时时需要主.tif2024-03-31 04:14 268k
File450 求主使我近十架 Jesus, Keep Me Near the Cross.pptx2024-03-31 04:14 72k
[IMG]456 我心灵得安宁.tif2024-03-31 04:14 192k
File468 祷告良辰 Sweet Hour of Prayer.pptx2024-03-31 04:14 32k
File468 祷告良辰.pdf2024-03-31 04:14 84k
File471 有何良友像主耶稣 What A Friend we have in Jesus.pptx2024-03-31 04:14 52k
[IMG]471 有何良友像主耶稣.tif2024-03-31 04:14 188k
File476 站起,进攻为耶稣 Stand Up, Stand Up for Jesus.pptx2024-03-31 04:14 52k
File485 赶快工作, 夜来临 Work, for the Night Is Coming.pptx2024-03-31 04:14 40k
File488 我爱传扬主福音 I Love to Tell the Story.pptx2024-03-31 04:14 36k
File49 敬拜主 Majesty.pptx2024-03-31 04:14 32k
File491 为主发光 Brightly Beams Our Father's Mercy.pptx2024-03-31 04:14 44k
File5 荣耀归于真神 To God Be the Glory.pptx2024-03-31 04:14 44k
File507 看哪! 弟兄和睦同居 Behold How Good and Pleasant.pptx2024-03-31 04:14 28k
[IMG]509 福哉系连妙结.tif2024-03-31 04:14 328k
File52 美矣哉救主 Beautiful Savior.pptx2024-03-31 04:14 40k
[IMG]524 耶稣爱我,我晓得.tif2024-03-31 04:14 184k
[IMG]531 欢迎救主来临.tif2024-03-31 04:14 132k
File531 欢迎救主来临 When the Lord Is Welcomed.pptx2024-05-16 02:06 52k
[IMG]540 多年朋友共知心.tif2024-03-31 04:14 540k
File56 赞美颂扬 Praise Him Praise Him.pptx2024-03-31 04:14 52k
[IMG]6 独一的真神.tif2024-03-31 04:14 440k
File69 圣灵之歌 Spirit Song.pptx2024-03-31 04:14 40k
[IMG]69 圣灵之歌.tif2024-03-31 04:14 448k
[IMG]7 万世之宗.tif2024-03-31 04:14 468k
File73 使我灵自由 Set My Spirit Free.pptx2024-03-31 04:14 32k
File82 起来,天国已经近了 Arise, the Kingdom Is at Hand.pptx2024-03-31 04:14 64k
File87 以马内利,恳求降临 O Come, O Come, Emmanuel.pptx2024-03-31 04:14 56k
File90 普世欢腾!救主下降 Joy to the World, the Lord Is Come.pptx2024-03-31 04:14 56k
[IMG]90 普世欢腾!救主下降.tif2024-03-31 04:14 208k
File91 齐来,宗主信徒 O Come, All Ye Faithful.pptx2024-03-31 04:14 72k
[IMG]91 齐来,宗主信徒.tif2024-03-31 04:14 52k
[IMG]94 思想当年,年方夜半.tif2024-03-31 04:14 68k
File94 思想当年,时方夜半 It Came Upon the Midnight Clear.pptx2024-03-31 04:14 68k
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