Minnesota Faith Chinese Lutheran Church is a young church born in 2001. Our mission is to serve God and brothers and sisters, minister Sacraments, and share the Gospel with all people. We hope to provide a loving, accepting, and encouraging environment for Chinese people in the Twin Cities area. We have many ministries and community programs every year, including

1.Campus ministry 2.Joy Fellowship to evangelize Chinese and other Asian Americans in St. Paul north suburbs. 3.Ministry in China: a. Support Sister Yu, Yi from China who studies “Family, youth and children” program at Luther Seminary. b. Support Xinyang Nanguan Church in Henan, China. 4.Evangelical Fall retreat for Chinese scholars and students. 5.Children and youth programs. 6.Women in need ministry.

Your contributions will greatly help our service to God's people.

For donation, please write your check payable to "MFCLC" and send it to:

Minnesota Faith Chinese Lutheran Church
145 McCarrons Blvd N.
Roseville, MN 55113

Receipt will be sent to the donor for tax deductible or other purposes when the check is received.